Everything that Remains

Check out my review of Lee Klein’s new novel, The Shimmering Go-Between, at The Philadelphia Review of Books.

The Philadelphia Review of Books


A review of Lee Klein’s The Shimmering Go-Between

by Brittany Harmon

Upon finishing Lee Klein’s colorful debut novel The Shimmering Go-Between, I felt the simultaneous delight and relief of having just exited a multifarious fun house. This particular house belongs to a woman named Dolores who has quite an interesting secret. Sometimes it’s referred to as an STD, other times it is an unexplained phenomenon she calls Immaculate Conception Syndrome, but during intercourse with bearded men, our protagonist has the unique ability to produce micro-women: living, breathing female human beings no larger than a human tooth. What started as mysterious and rapid conception before she had ever even kissed a boy turned Dolores’ overly fertile body into a physiological oddity that plants nits in her boyfriends’ beards. After having three abortions as a virgin, she vowed to keep herself hidden from men for fear that fraternizing would likely make…

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