Girl Power: Mo’ne Davis Throws Feminine Curveball on Little League Baseball

Check out my recent blog post at Ticket Liquidator’s Live Toast where I talk about Mo’Ne Davis, star 13-year-old pitcher from South Philly, and the gendered sports politics that go into baseball/softball post-Little League:

Mo’Ne Davis has become a beacon of hope for people who have experienced gender inequality in sports. When it comes to any politics, there is bound to be corruption, but sports politics definitely needs some shaping up. Softball and baseball must get on more of an equal playing field – softball needs to be taken more seriously and offer a secure future beyond college and the off-chance of playing on the U.S. Olympic team while baseball needs to be more accepting of girls who want to play because, the fact is, they’re not the same sport. Mo’ne Davis has proven that females are just as qualified as males to play baseball at a highly competitive level; now it’s up to the powers that be to make it a reality for women beyond Little League. 


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