A Quick Note on HBO’s GIRLS

Hours away from the start of the second season, I thought I’d write a short celebratory piece. Basically, I’ve been waiting my whole like for a show like this. Girls, a popular HBO sitcom, punches hard with its naked and gritty social commentary. Born from the comedic genius of Lena Dunham, the show’s writer, director, and starring actress, Girls provides fresh insight into the realities of being a twenty-something female trying to “find herself” in New York. Unlike similar television dramas like Sex and the City, which focuses on career-driven and sexually confident women, Girls attempts to convey the crippling confusion and stress that comes along with simply being unsure. Oscillating between complete self-assurance and severe insecurity, the main character Hannah encounters awkwardness in its most brutal nature. Whether she is bewildered by her lover’s strange perversions, coping with the fact that her ex-boyfriend is now gay, or assisting her father after a sex injury, Hannah’s story is compelling because it is real; nothing is smooth or sugar-coated. Girls is dirty and honest. It gives voice to the most difficult transitions in life, to our abbreviated culture of tech-gadgets and miscommunication, and it redefines a gender that is still so heavily clichéd. Girls is not only entertaining, but socially important. It exposes reality, complete with dead-end unpaid internships, accidental drug use, STDs, and the utter selfishness of our generation.


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